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You can read blogs written by Vaseem Khan covering a variety of themes, as follows:

Blogs about how to improve your creative writing

Genesis: where do book ideas come from?
Overcoming writer’s block – the Holy Grail of Writerdom
Lessons from Harper Lee – how to write that all important second novel

Do writers need a special place to write

Blogs about crime festivals and literary festivals

Granite Noir – Aberdeen’s festival of firsts
A paean to Theakston’s Old Peculiar Crime Festival 
Bradford Literature Festival – a unique cultural experience 
Emirates Literary Festival Dubai – a desert extravaganza 
How to make the most of World Book Day
New Year’s Resolutions for writers (or how not to be a dick at networking events)

Blogs about literacy, reading and libraries

Librarians – the real Guardians of the Galaxy
Indepdendent Bookshop Week – why buying local can make you happy
The joys and woes of the independent bookseller

Blogs about crime fiction writing and cosy crime

Jewel heists and why they are so popular in the annals of crime fiction

Blogs about great Indian literature

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