Future Books

The Unexpected Inheritance of Inspector Chopra was just the start of this delightful series.

Book 4, Murder at the Grand Raj Palace will be released in May 2018. See the relevant page on this website for details. You can pre-order now here!

Books 5 and 6 will follow in 2019 and 2020. No titles have been set for these novels but the stories have been agreed. In Book 5 Chopra will investigate the murder of a Parsee industrialist at one of Mumbai’s infamous Towers of Silence where the Parsee community lay out their dead to be eaten by vultures. In Book 6 Chopra and Ganesha travel to the desert state of Rajasthan to investigate the death of a young investigative journalist.

In November 2017 a special crime anthology of short stories will be published by the Crime Writers’ Association. This will include a short story featuring Inspector Chopra and Baby Ganesh called ‘Bombay Brigadoon’. The anthology features some of the best crime writers around, and is well worth a look. Click here for details.


A Quickreads novella in the series will be published on 1st Feb 2018, entitled Inspector Chopra & the Million Dollar Motor Car. Chopra and Ganesha are on the trail of a consummate car thief, one who has managed to steal the most expensive car in the country from a locked showroom.

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