Podcasting continues to grow in popularity. It’s a great way to consume information and/or entertainment. Together with some author friends of mine, I have launched a podcast called the RED HOT CHILLI WRITERS. The blurb? As follows:

“Six British Asian writers talk books, writing, the creative arts, pop culture, risqué humour and Big Fat Asian weddings. Insightful, funny, packed with big name interviews, advice, on-air-therapy and lashings of cultural anarchy, they dare to explore the parts other podcasts cannot reach. Featuring Vaseem Khan, Abir Mukherjee, Ayisha Malik, Amit Dhand, Imran Mahmood and Alex Khan. Also featuring cameos by Abir’s Mum. Tune in monthly. For non-white and white people. Just to be clear.”

In other words we are going to leave you laughing and informed – how good is that!

Sign up to listen to the RED HOT CHILLI WRITERS podcast with your favourite podcast streaming service. You can listen on SpotifyiTunesGoogleCastbox and Spreaker 

video welcome from the hosts can be seen here on our podcast website.

The podcast is available through iTunes and other usual podcast subscription services. If you decide to tune in (via whichever streaming service you prefer to use – iTunes, Spotify, etc) could you please, please leave a rating or a review, even if it is only a short one – a few words is better than none! Such ratings and reviews have a great impact on how the streaming services promote new podcasts, so would really help us get the show off to a good start.