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Vaseem Khan

A publicity shot .. the sun was just in the right place

foyles window


7 thoughts on “Gallery

  1. I have just finished reading “The Unexpected Inheritance…” for the second time. It is just such a pleasant experience being in the process of reading it.
    Anne Allen


    • Thank you, Lou. That’s lovely of you to comment and let me know. I love writing these books so it’s nice to know readers appreciate them. Couldnt do it without your support!


  2. Dear Vaseem,

    I like the others have just finished the Unexpected Inheritance.

    I must admit it was a wonderfully heart-warming book with beautifully honest descriptions. I cannot wait to buy the others to read now!

    Thank you!


    P.S. I would love my own Ganesha 😁


  3. I just love Baby Ganesha, and have turned friends and family on to him. My sister and I enjoy talking to one another while reading the books. We are two old broads, and have done a lot of reading in our day so this is truly a compliment. Please keep these wonderful books coming!


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