Diversity project

Cultural appropriation. Authenticity of voice. Stereotyping. Diversity. All issues that the publishing industry is currently grappling with.

In a series of free-to-watch videos and a downloadable PDF guide, I’ll present some practical guidance in tackling these topics, based on research that I carried out, funded by the UK Arts Council, and featuring advice from writers, readers, and a host of industry professionals. I’ll look at the debate over who has the right to write which stories and how to write across cultural boundaries. I’ll also offer thoughts from key industry stakeholders, and examine lessons and recommendations for best practise. 

The aim of the project is simple: to provide authors and industry professionals, such as agents, editors, marketers, and other decision-makers, with advice and tools on how to tackle the issue of writing diversity into literature in a way that minimises the chances of causing offence. 

The project is also aimed at readers, providing useful information about why certain types of books make it to market, and about how readers might help in the current drive towards a fairer, more equitable industry. 

The videos and PDF will be released in October and November 2021. To receive these simply register for my newsletter here.