The Dying Day

The Da Vinci Code meets post-Independence India. I’d be surprised if I read a better book this year.’ ~ M. W. Craven, winner of the Crime Writers Association Gold Dagger.

This is a crime novel for everyone; for those who love traditional mysteries there are clues, codes and ciphers, but it also had a harder edge and a post-war darkness. Brilliant.‘ ~ Ann Cleeves, creator of the Vera and Shetland series

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A priceless manuscript. A missing scholar. A trail of riddles.

Bombay, 1950

For over a century, one of the world’s great treasures, a six-hundred-year-old copy of Dante’s The Divine Comedy, has been safely housed at Bombay’s Asiatic Society. But when it vanishes, together with the man charged with its care, British scholar and war hero, John Healy, the case lands on Inspector Persis Wadia’s desk. 

Uncovering a series of complex riddles written in verse, Persis – together with English forensic scientist Archie Blackfinch – is soon on the trail. But then they discover the first body.  

As the death toll mounts it becomes evident that someone else is also pursuing this priceless artefact and will stop at nothing to possess it . . .

Harking back to an era of darkness, this second thriller in the Malabar House series pits Persis, once again, against her peers, a changing India, and an evil of limitless intent. 

Gripping, immersive, and full of Vaseem Khan’s trademark wit, this is historical fiction at its finest.

“I had enormous fun researching and writing this book. I hope, if you decide to give it a go, you’ll find yourself enjoying the intellectual puzzle at the heart of the story, and the feeling of being immersed in the noisy, hot, and turbulent India of that era. Thank you as ever for your enthusiasm and support!” best wishes, Vaseem